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We're a small town family owned business - we sell instruments, accessories, audio equipment and more! The best thing about having a store is chatting with customers, so swing on through whenever you get a minute and visit with us!

Lessons offered in all instruments for ages 5 and up! Learn more about our lessons at


You've found the right place if you're in need of a repair! We're efficient and reasonably priced - if you don't love changing your own strings send it to the shop! We do everything from basic re-stringing jobs to restoring vintage instruments.

Standard Restring
(includes cleaning, fret polish and fretboard conditioning)
(most 6 strings guitars and basses)
Specialty Restring 
(includes cleaning, fret polish and fretboard conditioning)
(specialty includes 12 strings, mandolins, guitars with a Floyd Rose Tremolo, violins)
Standard Set-Up
(adjust action, set intonation, fret work)                        
Specialty Set-Up                         
(same as standard. Specialty refers to Floyd Rose Tremolos, mandolins, 12 string electrics)
Repairs/Pickup Swaps/Etc
(contact us and we'll get you a quote!)


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